iAffiliate Management speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2017

Performance marketers from across the globe are here in Las Vegas, Nevada for Affiliate Summit West 2017. Affiliate Summit West 2017 is being held January 15-17th at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and is another sold-out event. With over 6,000 digital marketers in attendance, networking events and an impressive roster of performance marketing industry speakers—it’s […]

iAffiliate Management’s Justin Zwack joins Peace Corps

This past March, iAffiliate Management’s Justin Zwack joined the Peace Corps. Justin has been a member of iAffiliate Management since 2013 as a Client Development Manager. Through the years we’ve watched him grow and become a very valuable part of the iAM team. Justin has taken on a new adventure serving as a Business Advisor […]

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend Trends

By Cadence Morrison, Director of Client of Experience With Black Friday less  than a week away it’s an excellent time to examine current eCommerce trends and how they will affect affiliate programs this holiday season. eCommerce Spending According to Statista’s data, eCommerce spending over the five-day Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday grew an astounding 274% between […]

Treating Your Affiliates Right Over Black Friday

Black Friday is just a week away and it’s an easy time to get distracted and stressed. Here are a few tips on treating your affiliates right over Black Friday. Share Deals Early Make life easier for your affiliates by sharing any deals you’re offering over Black Friday weekend as soon as possible. Holding back […]

Is Your Affiliate Program Ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is only three weeks away and, at the time of this posting, there are only 13 weekdays until the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. To help cope with this busy time, the team at iAffiliate Management has put together a checklist to help make sure your affiliate program is ready for […]

4 Advanced Features of the Avangate Affiliate Network

By Adam Dahlen, Director of Client Development If you’re an affiliate or merchant working in the software and digital goods space, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Avangate’s Affiliate Network. For the uninitiated, Avangate is a leading e-commerce solution provider for thousands of software, cloud and online services companies. In addition to powering these companies’ e-commerce sites, […]

The Affiliate How-To Guide for Avangate

Avangate is a leading Digital Commerce solution provider used by thousands of Software, Cloud and Online Services vendors. The Avangate Affiliate Network is home to more than 50,000 affiliates and 22,000 software products. For affiliates interested in promoting software and digital goods, Avangate is an ideal place to start. For those unfamiliar with the Avangate […]

5 Tips for Running a Healthy Affiliate Program

By Justin Zwack, Client Development Manager Whether you’re just getting into affiliate marketing or are an industry veteran, here are 5 things affiliate managers should avoid to maintain a healthy affiliate program and maintain affiliate program management best practices.   Don’t Forget to Pay Your Affiliates This may seem obvious but most affiliates will tell you it happens […]

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your CJU Experience

By Adam Dahlen, Director of Client Development Commission Junction’s annual CJ University conference is taking place on October 13 – 15 in Santa Barbara, CA and the team from iAffiliate Management is getting ready to attend. Whether you’re a CJU veteran or this is your first show, here are 4 tips for getting the most […]

iAffiliate Management to speak at Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate marketers from around the globe are converging in the “Big Apple” for Affiliate Summit East 2015 held at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York, NY. The conference is taking place August 2nd – August 4th and based on the agenda and speakers—it’s looking to be another great event! iAffiliate Management CEO Rick […]

How to Improve Return on Ad Spend

Maintaining a profitable affiliate program can be a daunting task, and it can be easy to get focused on growing top line revenue. Regardless of the size or age of your program, it’s important to look beyond top-line revenue. This post details how you can improve Return on Ad Spend with three simple programmatic changes […]

The Affiliate How-To Guide for Impact Radius

Founded in 2008, Impact Radius was born from the minds of some of the affiliate marketing industry’s biggest and brightest marketing and tech experts. Having previously founded Commission Junction and Savings.com, these experts created Impact Radius to change the way advertisers manage media and performance partnerships. At Impact Radius, you won’t find Affiliate Managers playing […]

Affiliate Activation: How to Use Newsletters

Affiliate Activation is one of the most challenging aspects of affiliate program management. You invest a lot of time in recruiting new affiliates into your program, but how do you get them to actively advertise you on their website or blog? Better yet, how do you keep them engaged with your program until they start generating […]

How to Switch Affiliate Networks Without Losing Your Mind

Breaking up is hard to do. But sometimes you’re just left with no choice in the matter. At least in terms of switching affiliate networks, that is. Whether a network completely just shuts down (like what happened with the Google Affiliate Network), or you’re just not happy with your current setup–deciding to switch affiliate networks is […]

Should I use affiliate network email tools, or my own?

Communicating with your affiliates is crucial to running a successful program. You’d be hard pressed to argue that point. But how you communicate with them is an entirely different story. Between social media, emails, text messages, phone calls and even direct mailings, there’s an arsenal of weapons available to you. And within each of those […]

How to grow an in-house affiliate program

One of the most commonly asked questions in affiliate marketing is how to grow a mature program? There are plenty of ways to grow a network program, but what about in-house programs? Running an in-house affiliate program can yield significant cost savings and create closer relationships with your affiliates, but also presents unique challenges when […]

Things to Consider for your Affiliate Channel in 2014

For many affiliates Valentine’s Day is the first holiday craze of 2014 which includes a surge of promotions, coupons codes, and deals from merchants. With the New Year underway, there’s plenty to do for your affiliates even after the holiday rush. Now is certainly not the time to get complacent. Yes, Q4 is certainly the […]

How to survive the 2013 holiday shopping season

It starts earlier and earlier every year. Yes, the holiday season is once again upon us. With less time between Black Friday and Christmas than there was last year and the fact that Hanukah actually starts the night before Thanksgiving (no, really!), the 2013 Holiday Season is in full swing! If you haven’t crossed your […]

How to work with Search Affiliates

Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. It’s sound advice for life and for most industries. But the word “enemies” is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliates who you mistakenly think of as the competition, may very well be helping you more than you know. […]

Affiliate Channel Metrics You Need to Care About

You only have one shot at a first impression. But when it comes to online marketing, you’re hoping to make tons of follow-up impressions. Yes, from clicks to conversion percentages to banner impressions, statistics are the lifeblood of a marketer. Clearly that goes for affiliate marketing as well. With powerful reporting tools like Google Analytics, […]

Affiliate Activation Campaigns to Re-energize Affiliate Partners

When it comes to most affiliate programs, it truly is quality, not quantity. Since the bulk of your revenue will come from a fraction of your entire affiliate pool, it’s important to always be reaching out to potential new affiliates. Just imagine if the majority of your revenue comes from just three or four major […]

How to Grow an Existing Affiliate Program

We’ve talked all about launching a new affiliate program before. There’s plenty of questions to ask yourself, actions to take and changes to make. But what happens when you already have an affiliate program? One that’s been around for a number of years, or rather for roughly a decade. After a good five or 10 years of […]

The 10 Commandments of Affiliate Management

As Affiliate Managers, our #1 job is to make life easier for all our publishers. Sure, that covers a wide range of activities from helping them optimize their sites to making barrels of cash for everyone! There are loads of tips, tricks and best practices for achieving any and all of the above. Yet, still […]

Recruitment Tactics: How to build up your affiliate base

If you believe Kevin Costner, you just need to build it, and they’ll come. Sure that may work for baseball parks out in the middle of midwest cornfields. But when it comes to your affiliate program, you need to aggressively go after affiliates. Building an affiliate network or program is certainly your first step. And […]

Private vs. Public Affiliate Programs

Building an affiliate program involves a ton of decisions. There’s the commission structure, whether you pay out on a CPA or revenue share basis, outsourcing vs. handling it all yourself and so on. One other key choice, however, is whether to go public or not. Don’t worry, there are no IPOs or stock certificates involved […]

Let’s talk cookies

Cookies are an affiliate’s best friend. In fact, without them, many affiliates would probably pack it in. No, we’re not talking about those scrumptious, hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies that keep affiliates going through the late night as they update their site to increase sales and conversions. Uh uh. We’re talking about the computer file that […]

Affiliate Summit East 2013 Survival Guide

Thinking of attending the Affiliate Summit East in Philadelphia this summer? Whether you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing or you’ve had your own program for years, it’s certainly worth attending the industry’s leading affiliate marketing conference. Taking place over a 3-day period, the time will actually fly by faster than you realize. If you don’t plan […]

Let’s talk coupons

Online shopping has its built-in advantages. Whether it’s the newest best-seller or a spiffy Keurig coffee maker, it’s tough to beat ordering from the comforts of your living room couch. The Internet has certainly made shopping easier and more fun. And that’s exactly what you’re tapping into with your own affiliate program. Unfortunately, online shopping […]

I’ve got affiliates, now what?

You worked hard to build your affiliate program. All the planning, the building and the testing. Then you worked equally as hard to build your affiliate base. At this stage of the game, you may be asking yourself a very important question, “Now what?” Starting your network and building an army of affiliates is certainly […]

10 Reasons your Affiliate Program is Failing

Affiliate programs come and go. And if yours happens to be one that’s going, well, then you need to step things up big time. There are a slew of reasons why your affiliate program may be failing. Knowing you’re failing is easy. Discovering the reasons why you’re failing is the tricky part. It’s not impossible, […]

5 common misconceptions about performance marketing

When you tell people you work in affiliate marketing, you probably get one of two responses. Either “What’s that?” or “Must be nice to work in your pajamas all day.” Many are misinformed about the industry or simply don’t understand what it’s all about. While many in the industry work at home, that does not […]

Affiliate Network Directory: Breaking it all down

If there’s one thing the affiliate marketing industry is good for, it’s choice. Looking to join an affiliate network? Well pull up a chair, because there are plenty to choose from. There’s certainly no fear of our industry running out of affiliate networks. From CPA models to rev shares, small companies to huge businesses, you’re […]

Using social media to communicate with your affiliates

Communication is the most critical part of marketing. Some would even say that it’s the entirety of marketing. Getting your message across to a reader as quickly and efficiently as you can is crucial to your business. Generally, communication and marketing are both controlled by one evil word: budgets. It costs money to spread the […]

Affiliate Perspective: Affiliate Nexus Tax

By Andrew Kardon As a publisher who’s lived in NY his entire life, to say the Affiliate Nexus Tax has affected me is an understatement. Whether you call it the Internet Tax, the Amazon Tax or the Affiliate Nexus Tax, they all have the same horrible effect: they’re hurting affiliates. If you’re unfamiliar with the […]

Understanding different types of affiliates

Just like athletes, underwear, and even M&Ms–affiliates come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’ll find that your specific affiliate program may only be applicable to a handful of affiliate types. Or your program might be flexible enough to impact them all. Knowing your audience is always critical to a successful business. Take a […]

Affiliate Marketing Lingo: Definitions of commonly used terms

We live in a world of acronyms, abbreviations and secret handshakes. Well, maybe not the handshakes so much. But every industry has its own glossary of commonly used terms. Some are obvious, while others may require a secret decoder ring to figure out. The Affiliate Marketing Industry is no different. There are plenty of insider […]

Tactics to avoid in your affiliate program

Getting into affiliate marketing and launching a new program is an exciting venture. It’s truly an innovative way to market your product or service. If done correctly, your business can quickly get placed in front of countless new eyeballs. Potential customers are just a click away. Unfortunately, like most businesses, affiliate marketing is also chock […]

Rethinking in-house vs outsourced program management

As an internet retailer and consumer technology brand you make a lot of tough choices. When it comes to figuring out ways to grow eCommerce, you’ll make decisions ranging from minor to major on a daily basis. It’s all part of the job. One of the tougher decisions you’ll face, though, is whether you want […]

How affiliates add value to your e-Commerce business

Starting an affiliate program for your company is a great relatively low-cost way to market your business. Sure there are associated startup costs and monthly fees, depending upon whether you choose to outsource or run the program yourself. But in comparison to a major traditional marketing push, the costs are rather small. On the surface, […]

How to effectively communicate with affiliates

In any relationship, communication is key. That goes for everything from marriage to your career. To the best of our knowledge, no one is a mind reader, so communication is essential for getting your point across. As such, we thought this would be a good topic to kick-start 2013. When it comes to the relationship […]

Affiliate Management: 4 Ways to Drive Innovation in your Affiliate Program

Affiliates and Affiliate Managers have a pretty odd relationship. Some interact like two peas in a pod, others never speak, and just about everyone else falls somewhere in the middle. For the most part, unless you’re a Super Affiliate, you probably only interact with an Affiliate Manager when you first sign up for a program […]

2013 Affiliate Conferences That You Need to Know About

Next to becoming Google’s best friend, networking is an affiliate manager’s most powerful resource. Whether it’s a small gathering, a Meet-Up, a lecture, or a full-fledged conference, the best AMs never pass up an opportunity to meet someone new. As the affiliate marketing industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, […]

Affiliate Program Seasonality: How to survive and thrive

Tis the season for making money. Loads of money. Many affiliates and merchants see a tremendous jump in revenue during November and December each year. With recent Cyber Monday sales setting all kinds of records and holiday weekend e-commerce sales in the U.S. reaching approximately $2.86 billion, the trend towards shopping online for the holidays is only […]

Affiliate Perspective: Things Affiliate Managers do that drive me absolutely mad

By Andrew Kardon I’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry for almost 15 years now. I’ve helped run all sorts of websites from online coupon sites to pop-culture sites to my current social shopping site JoeShopping. And over the past decade, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of things, most notably that affiliate managers can drive […]

5 Things to Consider When Launching An Affiliate Program

Launching an affiliate program is a great way to get the word out on your company and find new customers. Except for an initial investment and potential monthly program management fees, there are really no other exceptional costs to consider. No huge overhead. No huge risks. If your program’s not working, you can simply pull […]

PMA Industry Report: Education Equals Growth for Affiliate Marketing

In this episode host Lisa Picarille interviews iAffiliate Management CEO, Rick Gardiner, asking about the importance and the challenges of educating all participants in the performance marketing community; how publishers and affiliate managers are getting their current education on the industry; why more education is needed; the specific issues players in the industry are not […]

Choosing the Best Affiliate Management Agency for your Business

You’re done. You just can’t handle it by yourself anymore. You’ve tried, and tried, and tried but it’s just too darn tough. Hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Admitting you need help is the first big step towards a lifetime of happiness and success. Clearly we’re talking about outsourcing your affiliate marketing program. Now, […]

Mistakes Internet Retailers Should Avoid With Affiliates This Holiday Season

Another Halloween has come and gone already. With Thanksgiving creeping up on us, the Holiday Shopping Season is pretty much here. Don’t believe us? Just head to your local Target and you’ll see plenty of Christmas decorations already out on display. Yes, Q4 is a huge gift for businesses, affiliates, and publishers alike. Why, for […]