Find New Customers, Scale Your E-Commerce

Growing an affiliate program isn’t simple. It’s not easy. And often times not glamorous.

Having someone with limited experience managing your affiliate program is risky and you could be leaving money on the table. You need the right people in the right seat. You need industry experience and expertise to build the fundamentals of your affiliate program the right way.


INCEPT is the affiliate program management solution for merchants with new or early-stage affiliate programs looking for e-Commerce growth through an affiliate marketing program.


Building an affiliate marketing program is complex, specialized work. It’s difficult to know which affiliates will add value and find you new customers.  iAffiliate Management focuses on your brand, your products, and finding the right affiliates building the foundation for affiliate marketing success.

Here’s why companies choose iAffiliate Management and INCEPT works:

  • Bring experts to the table – We’ve managed big, small and specialized affiliate marketing programs.  Work with industry experts. We know which affiliates capture audiences and drive revenue.
  • Avoid making the same mistakes – One size fits nobody, especially your affiliate program.  Don’t risk your affiliate program with unproven strategies or tactics.  We create a personalized affiliate marketing plan that aligns with your goals.
  • Building an affiliate program around your audience, your brand – An audience is not the same as traffic.  You want people drawn to your products and brand. Work with affiliates that find them and get them engaged.  Most affiliates deliver eyeballs—you need customers ready to buy.

Who is INCEPT right for?

INCEPT is ideal for companies needing to:

  • Launch a new affiliate program
  • Scale affiliate recruitment
  • Increase affiliate activation
  • Generate incremental online revenue