Realign Strategy, Deliver Incremental Growth

Your affiliate marketing program needs to be a powerful customer acquisition channel. It should yield a strong ROI on your ad spend. But what do you do when affiliate sales begin to plateau or fall short of expectations? You turn to a team of seasoned affiliate managers and industry experts that can turn things around—fast.


INNOVATE is the affiliate management solution for merchants with an existing affiliate marketing program designed to create sustainable growth and deliver incremental affiliate revenue.


Selecting the wrong agency to manage your affiliate program can be expensive and hiring an outsourced program manager (OPM) is risky.  iAffiliate Management has proven the value of working with reputable affiliates, maintaining a balanced portfolio of affiliate partners, and knowing how to get things done the right way.

Here’s why companies choose iAffiliate Management and INNOVATE works for them:

  • We create the blueprint and tools – Our affiliate program audit identifies any technical and tactical causes that could be hindering your revenue growth. After addressing any roadblocks, iAffiliate Management creates a custom affiliate marketing plan that will grow your affiliate program to full potential.  Without having to start from scratch.
  • Grow by working with the best affiliates – You’ve likely invested a lot time & energy in affiliate recruitment.  It’s time to nurture those relationships so they grow into profitable partnerships. iAffiliate Management knows how to work with your affiliate base to reduce attrition and build long-term partnerships with affiliates.
  • Publisher, Program, and Network Optimization – Once the pieces are in place you need to stay engaged with your publishers, realign the program based on industry trends, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your affiliate network. iAffiliate Management ensures your publisher strategy, program strategy, and network strategy focus on long-term growth and cost savings.

Who is INNOVATE right for?

INNOVATE is ideal for merchants needing to:

  • Identify new incremental opportunities within an existing affiliate program.
  • Grow under-performing affiliate partnerships and diversify affiliate revenue.
  • Realign and pivot the current affiliate marketing strategy to support ongoing growth.

INNOVATE with the affiliate management agency that connects you with the right affiliates and creates the road map for affiliate marketing success.